Adaptive Aesthetic Design™

Adaptive Aesthetic Design™ will assist in the formulation of skin care products that excite and deliver, all in a fraction of the time normally taken in an old-style iterative process. The Adaptive approach will not only speed development, but will enable the formulation of products with aesthetics that excite the consumer, leading to repeat business and positive electronic word-of-mouth advertising. A palette of formulations, all built to customer specification, can be developed to enable formulator, marketing, and target customer to find the aesthetic that is right for the job.


Formulating for Efficacy™

Formulating for Efficacy™ concepts were developed by departed friend and colleague Dr. Johann Wiechers, with the goal of maximizing the delivery of cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives to the skin. Formulating for Efficacy™ Software produced by Dr. Wiechers, and Professor Steven Abbott uses Hansen Solubility Parameters and Molecular Volumes to predict solvency properties for a specific active, enabling a formulator to select ingredients and ratios for optimizing the base in which the active will reside. In addition, the Diffusion Modeler function in the FFE™ Software will simulate Franz diffusion cell experiment, allowing the formulator to follow the path of the active and formulation to the skin over time.


Advanced Emulsion Solutions™

Advanced Emulsion Solutions™ are vital to success of skin care products. Advanced emulsion is a difficult area. The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries tend to be risk-averse when it comes to the formulation of emulsions. Sadly, newer and more innovative emulsion platforms are often ignored, along with the accompanying aesthetic and performance benefits offered by these systems. Advanced training, formulation, troubleshooting, and scale-up services are offered.