ACT (Adaptive Cosmetic Technologies) Solutions Corp was established in March of 2012 as a formulation technology consultancy to enable cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, and the suppliers to these industries to offer solutions to customers that exit, stay together, and perform. The “adaptive” description was borrowed from a noted aerospace scientist Arthur Anton who describes space systems as needing to be engineered to adapt to chaining environments and applications. Solutions offered by our company must be adaptive to the particular active, application, and audience.

In large part, ACT Solutions Corp. is carrying on the legacy of Dr. Johann Wiechers, a longtime friend and colleague who passed away suddenly in November 2011, with whom was shared a common zeal for science, the cosmetic industry, creative approaches to problems, and Christian faith.

ACT Solutions’ Belief

Cosmetic (and to a large extent topical pharmaceutical) products are luxury goods and are about efficacy and aesthetics- the overall experience. Formulations need to excite AND perform in order to succeed in the marketplace. ACT Solutions Corp is ready to help cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, and those that supply ingredient technology, build winning products with a winning message. 

The Mission

The cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical industries need formulations that perform better, stay together longer, and feel the way they should for the particular application target audience, and environment. ACT Solutions Corp. and Adaptive Aesthetic Design™, Advanced Emulsion Solutions™, and Formulating for Efficacy™ are there to help. 

Future Goals

ACT Solutions Corp. seeks to be the premier global skin care product design company, using a pharmaceutical approach to cosmetic formulation (without forgetting aesthetics), and a cosmetic approach to topical product development (while remembering that performance is paramount.)